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An Epic Time Travel Adventure

Travel through time in this exciting isometric social game. Explore ancient civilizations, construct breathtaking buildings , breed unique animals and create new strains of super crops to help you survive in an epic quest through 5 unique civilisations .

Trapped in Time gives your hundreds of hours of nonstop play and lets you interact with amazing characters to perform quests and missions in an effort to restore time continuums. Socialize and interact with other players and assist them in their own time continuums to get rewards and bonuses.


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Raise and breed animals to create a number of new and exciting species. Keep them well feed animals and collect profit from them periodically.
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Construct buildings and recreate many of the wonders of the world which yield coins & raw materials. Upgrade buildings to produce advanced structures producing more profit.
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Grow a range of crops from ancient civilisations and sell them for profit. Use the “Super Crop lab” to yield new and exciting strains.
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The game has everything you ever dreamt of in a social game. The ability to visit new and exiciting lands is an amazing feature.

James Conhaan, Gamespot

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Rated Five Star by iPhone Life Magazine


Trapped in Time V2 will feature new building upgrades
Posted on 2013 Feb 18

The new version of Trapped in Time features upgraded functionality for all available civilization buildings. This allows users to upgrade thier buildings into stunning pieces of architecture generating greater rewards.

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Trapped in Time Website is Launched
Posted on 2013 Feb 18

The new Trapped in Time website has been launched which features a dedicated gallery and faqs section. Users can view latest videos and trailers of the game on the site as well.

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